Inline Inspection Limited, based in Cumbernauld near Glasgow, is a sister company to the long-established Inline Packaging Systems and operates as a Sales and Service function for some of the most respected global manufacturers of weighing and inspection equipment from around the world.

Due to an increasing portfolio of suppliers, it was found necessary to separate the two distinct business functions to better target our sales effort and to also help our customers source the equipment they need much easier and more quickly. With many years experience in both end-of-line and detection systems, we will continue to operate in both fields however it is felt that, by creating a new business focussed on detection systems can only make it simpler and trouble-free  for you to locate the right product for your application

As part of this change, we have formed one or two new partnerships and are pleased to advise that we will be working closely with Sparc Systems Ltd for weighing and X-ray equipment. Based in Malvern, Worcestershire, Sparc are known for the innovative design and build quality and can design and build inspection systems to your specific need.

If capital is strained for a time, you have a machine out of action or you maybe have a production peak, we can help ease the pain with a monthly rental, maybe a suitable refurbished unit from our extensive stock availability or offer new equipment under a “rent to buy” option – new or refurbished, purchase or rental, we will work to find the cost-effective solution.

For end-of-line equipment, please visit Inline Packaging Systems at