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Checkweighing Solutions

Yamato is one of the leading global manufacturers of industrial weighing solutions and with over 90 years’ manufacturing experience, we know what our customers need and expect.

Features of the I-Series Checkweigher

  • 3D Interactive touch screen display
  • 300kg/3000N loadcell protection (patent pending)
  • Network capabilities
  • All new digital loadcell
  • 3 Step set up (Auto Tuning)
  • IP67 as standard
  • Open Frame Structure
  • Tool Free conveyor removal
  • Data acquisition

Technical details


  • Checkweighing range up to 600g
  • IP67 compliant as standard
  • ± 0.15g accuracy
  • Speeds up to 480 ppm


  • Checkweighing range up to 2000g
  • IP67 compliant as standard
  • ± 0.3g accuracy
  • Speeds up to 480ppm


  • Checkweighing range up to 3300g
  • IP67 compliant as standard
  • ± 0.5g accuracy
  • Speeds up to 190ppm


  • Checkweighing range up to 6000g
  • IP67 complian as standard
  • ± 0.5g accuracy
  • Speeds up to 130ppm

Features of the E-Series Checkweigher

  • Robust stainless steel design
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Reduced power consumption and fewer components for an eco-friendly design
  • User friendly
  • Easy maintenance
  • High speed and accuracy

Technical features

  • Strain gauge local cell and filtering technology
  • USB port for easy data management
  • Colour LCD touch screen (CE2500 checkweigher model)
  • Optimum control functions
  • Adjustable pass height
  • Adjustable conveyor belt
  • Auto load cell stopper
  • Self-diagnostics and self-recovery

Technical details

CSE22L (Small Type)

  • Weighing range 20 – 2200g
  • Speeds up to 220ppm
  • IP30 compliant
  • Belt speed up to 85m per minute
  • Empty weight: 48kg
  • CSE22L-F0: with diverter reject device
  • CSE22L-A0: with air blast reject device

CME25L (Medium Type)

  • Weighing range 0.2 – 25kg
  • Speeds up to 30ppm
  • IP30 compliant
  • Belt speed up to 19m per minute
  • Empty weight: 58kg
  • CME25L-00: without reject device
  • CME25L-P0: with pusher reject device