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Multi Head Weighing Systems

Automatic multihead weighers are capable of weighing, mixing and counting with greater accuracy at high speeds, which makes them an ideal choice for large production lines and complicated application mixtures such as mixed bags of snacks, confectionery or fruit and nuts.

Yamato has been at the forefront of multihead weighing technology for many years, and proudly produced the very first multihead weigher with load cells in 1979. Since then, Yamato has worked continuously to bring innovative and revolutionary multihead weighers to the industry, to help make weighing easier and more efficient than ever before.

Yamato offers three models of automatic multihead weighers, designed to increase speed and productivity:

Dataweigh Omega series

Dataweigh Sigma series

Dataweigh Alpha Plus series

We can provide multihead weighers with a number of weigh heads and up to 600 weighs per minute, such as the Dataweigh Omega Frontier which is designed to handle a wide variety of products, from potatoes and powders to frozen free-flowing items and even sticky solids.

Semi-automatic multihead weighers are ideal for fixed weight packaging where items can be irregular in size and shapes such as meat and poultry, as an element of manual control is retained. Where very sticky products prohibit the use of multihead weighers, the semi-automatic multihead weighers offer the perfect solution.

The Yamato range of semi-automatic multihead weighers has been developed to accommodate the needs of our customers who require an element of manual product handling but want the increased productivity of an automatic weigher.

Table-top Multi-head Weighing

Table Top Semi-Automatic Dataweigh (TSDW)

The Tabletop Semi-Automatic Dataweigh (TSDW) is the ideal combination scale for producing fixed weight packages, such as vegetables or meat and is capable of speeds of up to 30 weighings per minute.

We designed the Tabletop Semi-Automatic Dataweigh with the aim of reducing weighing loss and minimising product damage through retaining an element of manual checking. The conveyor belt allows for the handling of fragile products, such as meat, through minimal drops.

With its stainless steel design, the Tabletop Semi-Automatic Dataweigh is easy to clean and fully compliant with IP65 standard. Even the conveyor belts can be easily detached for cleaning. It has also been designed to be space-saving for those who do not have the space for large combination scales.

Features of the Tabletop Semi-Automatic Dataweigh

– Semi-automatic conveyor operation
– Stainless steel construction for enhanced hygiene
– IP65 waterproof enclosure
– Bright fluorescent tube weight display
– LCD auxiliary display
– High speed, accurate weighing operations
– Weigh data totals and statistics
– Fixed quantity and fixed weight combinations
– Multiple functions
– Over/under weight detection
– Easy-to-remove conveyors

Suitable for applications in

– Weighing applications
– Meat
– Seafood
– Poultry
– Ready meals
– Fruit and vegetables