Fortress Metal Detection

  • Phantom Search Head

    Phantom Search Head

    The Phantom Metal Detector utilizes the latest Digital Signal Processing technology to ensure complete product integrity. With the highest processing power, Phantom systems are renowned for their superior accuracy, high-speed and ease-of-use.

    Phantom detectors are offered in a wide range of aperture sizes with a selection of construction options including painted aluminum, stainless steel, and BSH (IP69K certified). The rectangular aperture units are suited for integration with conveyor belts. Fortress recommends utilizing its custom-designed Vector conveyor system which is built specifically for the metal detection application and optimizes the performance of the detector.

  • Phantom Pipeline System

    Phantom Pipeline System

    The Phantom IP69K certified Stainless Steel Pipeline system detects metal contamination in pumped liquids and pastes conveyed through its non-metallic pipe. The extra-rugged BSH casing enables the system to withstand the harshest production environments. Pipe material options include nylon, rubber, and Teflon wrapped pipe for higher pressure / temperature applications.

    The Diverter Valve reject system is typically used to divert contaminated product from the flow. A test ball insertion/retrieval kit is offered as an option with Pipeline systems, allowing for ease of manual testing.

  • Vector Conveyor/Head Systems

    Vector Conveyor/Head Systems

    Vector Conveyors integrate with Phantom Standard Metal Detectors to provide a convenient and effective “all-in-one” detection solution. Conveyors are built to customers’ specifications with the unique benefit of being designed to realize the full potential of the Phantom detector, maximizing the accuracy of the overall system.

    Built rugged using a Stainless Steel 304 frame, Vector Conveyor systems perform under the rigors of the harshest environments including washdown. A wide range of belt sizes are available using heavy duty or plastic modular belting.

    Offered with a selection of reject mechanisms and a variety of advanced options, conveyors are custom-designed to meet your specific application needs.

  • Phantom Drop-through Systems

    Phantom Drop-through Systems

    Phantom Gravity metal detector systems are designed to detect metal contamination in dry, powdery or granular free-flowing products that can gravity fed through a pipe.

    Systems are available in Aluminum or Stainless Steel casings, with a selection of pipe sizes. The Diverter Valve reject system is typically used to divert contaminated product into a reject tank.

    A test ball retrieval drawer is offered as an option with Gravity systems, allowing for ease of manual testing. For added convenience, a wired mountable remote control is ideal for installations in which the detector unit is not easily accessible.

  • Phantom Meat Pump Systems

    Phantom Meat Pump Systems

    The Phantom Meat Pump metal detector is ideally suited for the inline inspection of meat products on the exit of a vacuum filler.

    The system is compatible with most leading vacuum fillers / sausage stuffer machinery for simple connection via its hinged mounting assembly plus customised fittings.

    The ultra-slim detector fits where other detectors can’t, integrated between processing equipment

    where space can be a premium. No obtrusive support  frame is required, and there are no external boxes necessary to accommodate electronics.

    Phantom Meat Pump detectors are built rugged to withstand harsh meat processing environments with IP69K certified Stainless Steel construction.