Metal Detectors

  • Safeline System

    Safeline System

    This unit was recently acquired from a food manufacturer and was in-line until recently.

    It has a longer infeed (to assist with product loading), a search head of 250×150 and completed with an overhead pusher, reject bin, bin full/reject confirm sensors, warranty, manuals, etc. – a great specified unit.

    NB The picture opposite is pre-refurbishing – please ask for up-to-date images.


  • Safeline metal detector system

    Safeline metal detector system

    This compact unit was traded back recently and undergone a factory refurbishment with new rollers, product belt, reject cover etc. It has an aperture of 250 x 150mm and is 1500mm in overall length.

    It’s offered with a 3 months warranty and is an ideal first step into metal detection; for a more complete specification, please call/mail us for more info.


  • Cintex Sentry detector

    Cintex Sentry detector

    This “vertical” unit (250 x 300mm) was previously installed at a major UK biscuit manufacturer and was take in part-ex against new Fortress detectors. It’s been well maintained and has a pusher reject device, bin, reject cover, bin full/reject confirm sensors etc.

  • Ceia Twin-head system

    Ceia Twin-head system

    We have just taken delivery of another trade-in, a Ceia twin-head unit that’s ideal for detection n foil and non-foil packages.┬áThe apertures are both 500 x 150mm and the unit also comes with a pusher reject device, reject bin and the addition of reject confirmation.

    Only just arrived so our picture is prior to refurbishing, testing etc., but this should be complete by the end of August – for an up-to-date position, please call/mail us.

  • Loma/Cintex twin head system

    Loma/Cintex twin head system

    This unit recently came to us as a trade-in against a flow-wrapping units as such, is awaiting factory refurbishment.

    The system comprises a Loma IQ2 “standard” search head plus a Cintex “Sentry” ferrous-in-foil head; both are around 400 x 150mm aperture and the system also comes with a diverter reject device, lockable reject bin (complete with bin full/reject confirm sensors) and is 2 metres in overall length.

    All tested since we brought it to our workshop and will be offered with a 3 months parts/labour warranty when complete

  • Lock Detector

    Lock Detector

    We purchased this unit from an auction house and should begin work on its refurbishment in the next week; the accompanying picture is the machine as it was delivered, so we have a bit of work to do but will be completed to our usual high standard and offered with a 3 months warranty.