Sparc Systems X-ray Inspection

We are pleased to have recently been appointed as a selling agent in Scotland and N England for the Sparc range of weighing and inspection equipment. Designed and built in Malvern, Gloucestershire, Sparc Systems have been a major supplier of weighing, inspection and filling systems to major UK food producers for many years and are the supplier of choice to many household names.

  • Cyclops Large Format X-ray

    Cyclops Large Format X-ray

    The Cyclops 420 is a robust, heavy-duty machine specifically designed for High Care food production environments and to inspect large format products for potential contaminants.

    The Cyclops 420 has a single point control and data collection capability, which both  simplifies the operator controls down to a single touch and includes the latest reject integrity specification as standard. It is also an “all electric” system that does not require a compressed air supply which given the cost of generating compressed air provides for a significant reduction in annual operating costs and allows for greater flexibility

  • Iris 250 “Pipeline” X-ray System

    Iris 250 “Pipeline” X-ray System

    The Iris 250 pipeline X-ray inspection system from Sparc Systems Ltd offers high throughput and simplicity of use, coupled with superior inspection capability and a hygienic design. The average throughput for muscle meats, slurries, semi solids and fluids is up to 14,000 kg/h for meat and poultry applications.

  • Theia Combination X-Ray Inspection System

    Theia Combination X-Ray Inspection System

    Complementing Sparc Systems existing range of X-Ray Inspection equipment the Theia 420 is the most advanced and practical Combination X-Ray and Checkweighing System available.

    Precision weighing and inspection technology is an important element of any processing operation, with the capability to reduce give-away remaining a significant contributor to profitability. Now, with the introduction of the Sparc Theia 420 from Sparc Systems, automated X-ray inspection and check weighing can be delivered, along with accurate label verification.

    Designed, engineered and constructed to the highest standards, a characteristic of all Sparc Systems products, the Theia 420 provides both flexibility and accuracy. It can accommodate all product formats in sizes up to 300mm x 300mm x 100mm.

  • Apollo 420 X–ray System

    Apollo 420 X–ray System

    The Apollo 420 X-ray system, capable of speeds to 200ppm, can be used at any stage in your process to safely and reliably inspect 100% of your products for foreign bodies.

    This latest addition to the Sparc range of high quality x-ray systems, offers the highest levels of detection on bone, metal stone, glass and hard plastics whilst the touch screen makes operation easy. From a maintenance perspective, the standard system specification includes IP65 build quality, lift-out conveyors, stainless interlocked guards and tool-less belt change and for QA demands there’s Ethernet,  USB or e-mail alerts plus  remote Service access.