Sure Service Weigh Price Labelling

  • Octopus Manual

    Octopus Manual
    • Network version
    • Link to ERP or other information system
    • Control for multiple printers for packing / crate and pallet labels
    • Various weighing ranges
    • Industrial barcode scanner
    • Printer to print weighing results
  • Octopus Automatic

    Octopus Automatic

    Production speeds up to 55 packs per minute and weighing range up to 6kg capacity (standard config.)

    Top and base labelling options. (Top using advanced blow apply / base using vacuum belt system.)

    Large label reel holder with capacity up to 300mm diameter.

    Pack Ranges (standard configuration)

    Pack Length from 80mm to 300mm. Pack width from 50mm to 280mm. Pack height from 5mm to 180mm.

  • Octopus Ace

    Octopus Ace
    • Advanced Electromagnetic Force Restoration (EMFR) weighing technology
    • User friendly 19” ‘Icon driven’ touch screen
    • Label and product images on screen
    • GS1 DataBar and Ingredient declarations in accordance with the latest statutory labelling requirements
    • Label design Background Image Support (BIS)
    • Full product traceability
    • Windows True Type Fonts
    • Nexus label design software
    • Open interface (XML) for linking with ERP systems
    • Large label reel holder with capacity up to 300mm diameter