Test wandsCertified Test Wands

These test wands are made from Impact Resistant, Shatter Proof and Heat Resistant Polycarbonate.

These one of kind test wands have been custom designed and manufactured by us, to meet the needs of our customers.


Test ballsCertified Test Balls

Made from durable, wear-resistant Acetal resin.
Acetel resin is made from FDA and USDA compliant materials. Acetal Resin is also NSF 61 certified.
Balls are color coded with food grade ink to indicate metal type: Ferrous (BLUE), Non-Ferrous (GREEN), Stainless Steel (RED).
Balls are available with test spheres in sizes 0.5mm to 5.0mm.
Ball Size: 1” diameter.


Test cardsCertified Test Cards

Cards are color coded on each side, to indicate metal type: Ferrous (BLUE), Non-Ferrous (GREEN), Stainless Steel (RED).
Cards are available with test spheres in sizes 0.3mm to 4.0mm.
Constructed using heavy duty laminate, includes tab hole for easy storage.
Card size: 2.5″ x 4.25”


Inline PackagingService Visits & Calibration Certificates

Due to the requirements of government regulations, HACCP and large buyers, you may require a routine service or perhaps a formal Calibration Certificate that documents the proper functionality of your metal detector; we are happy to offer these services to both Fortress and non-Fortress customers and use only industry experienced engineers and industry-calibrated equipment and test pieces.